What are the security concerns of a computer system attached straight to modem?

What are the security distinctions in between attaching your pc straight to a broadband modem and also experiencing a router?

2019-05-03 23:02:07
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  • Routers usually have actually firewall programs constructed in that reply to less ports than a computer system does.
  • Routers usually have less possible susceptabilities to the net than a a computer system does. If a susceptability on your COMPUTER is uncovered, the router still gives some defense till you get your spot or upgrade used.
  • If a router obtains endangered, it is still tough for the "crook" to access the computer system and also alter/steal/destroy the information on it.

Keep in mind that a firewall/router isn't a certain - fire security solution - all, yet it shields you from a great deal of the reduced - dangling - fruit candidates.

2019-05-08 13:14:33

Most modern-day routers featured something called Network address translation (NAT). This suggests that the 1 IP address that you reveal to the net is converted right into the numerous IP addresses needed for the PCs within your network. With NAT arbitrary inbound packages are not sent on your COMPUTER, so if a person attempts scanning your IP address and also ports, all they will certainly come back is denial messages from your router (or in many cases, simply absolutely nothing in all)

It's not by any kind of methods fail-safe or excellent security, and also I would certainly still advise a firewall program on your COMPUTER, yet having a NAT router in between you and also your modem is absolutely an action up in security.

As a straightforward demo you can attempt this :
1) Find a firewall program that logs obstructed inbound link efforts.
2) Connect your COMPUTER straight to the modem.
3) Watch the firewall program logs start clocking up obstructed links.
4) Disconnect and also attach a NAT router in between.
5) Again, see the firewall program logs and also you'll see no obstructed links due to the fact that the NAT router is obstructing them all prior to they struck the COMPUTER.

2019-05-08 13:12:07