power intake by application?

Given that cellular phone software calls for added power for handling. Exists any kind of software that show power intake by certain application?

2019-05-03 23:03:07
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Why not PowerTutor application which is openly readily available in Android Market.

2019-05-19 15:51:55

I'm presuming it would certainly be a no for all systems, yet Android is the just one I can talk with with assurance.

Nonetheless, Android phones can inform you battery details for details things and also applications. Additionally if you are rooted you can make use of a command line command that offers a lot more details. If you have a Sprint phone you can attempt dialing (without quotes ) :


Both are ## codes that offer thorough details. The first is a battery details code and also the 2nd is one that offers cell radio and also all various other sort of thorough details. Yet I do not assume it obtains that granular for cell radio.

Sprint could be able to offer this details from their 4g application they have in their 2.2 Android OS, yet I have not checked into in all to make sure that is simply a hunch.

An Android application called "OS Monitor" will certainly offer details concerning CPU application, yet not cell radio. I assume such an application does not exist.

2019-05-07 20:00:03

I do not assume this is mosting likely to be a preferred solution, yet you need to understand that your modern-day smart-phone is an unbelievably intricate monster, and also battery life is influenced by all type of points :

  1. CPU use (your phone might get cozy, or make use of a system task display for even more information )
  2. Bluetooth radio, is it on, is it in operation (ie, headset or tethering )
  3. Wireless radio, what method is it making use of? HSPA, EVDO, EDGE?
  4. Wi-fi radio, are you proactively utilizing it? What variation?
  5. Closeness and also power of local cell towers (weak towers = cellular phone attempts tougher to connect, making use of even more power ).
  6. Baseband variation (this is the component of the phone os created and also kept by your service provider )

As you can see there are a great deal of points that influence battery life, so it's challenging to assure that any kind of offered App will certainly have an offered account, given that it's information use could be over weak signal (which will certainly lower your battery life extra ).

2019-05-07 19:58:38

Linux-based phones (with a GNU or Busybox userland, I'm unclear concerning Android ) could be able to run powertop. It was made for desktop/laptops yet maybe valuable on a phone.

Intel created it so there might not be an ARM construct, yet it's GPL-licensed so some resourceful cyberpunk can port it.

2019-05-07 19:57:24

Settings > About Phone > Battery Use

2019-05-07 18:38:54