iTunes on Mac: Just how to make use of an exterior music collection on a NAS (Windows share)?

I have a huge music collection of mp3-encoded CDs saved on a NAS (Windows share). I can access the drive using SMB on the Mac. I would certainly such as to transform my default iTunes music collection without importing the documents to the neighborhood disk.

Please can someone define the procedure just how to transform that in iTunes. I see some alternatives, yet I'm not exactly sure and also I do not intend to threaten my collection. Exist any kind of cautions?

2019-05-04 23:44:59
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Hold the alternative (alt) key when opening up iTunes and also you'll be motivated to either create a collection or pick an existing collection.

You can after that select the iTunes collection that you have actually saved on the NAS share.

This method might call for that the NAS share has a iTunes collection documents. If it does, after that you could be able to replicate the default one developed when iTunes begins for the very first time and also relocate over to the NAS share.

The when you add songs to iTunes, it will certainly be contacted the collection documents saved on the NAS share. YOu can switch off the alternatives to make iTunes maintain you songs arranged and also switch off the duplicate files to iTunes Music Folder to stop it from relocating or developing dupes of your songs files.

2019-05-09 02:35:50

Be mindful that having flicks on a remote drive creates large stagnations when attempting to scroll via them ahead Row. It made me relocate them all back to a USB/Firewire disk, which is much faster.

2019-05-08 16:48:02