Rejuvenate thumbnails in nautilus

Just how does one rejuvenate thumbnails in nautilus? In my video clips folder I have some MKVs and also just fifty percent of them have the flick boundary and also a passage from the flick and also the others (additionally MKVs inscribed similarly) simply have the average movie symbol.

(F5 does not do it.)

2019-05-05 00:05:11
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There is a surprise directory site in your house called.thumbnails.

If you delete a documents (or all) there, its thumbnail will certainly be recreated by nautilus the next time that you see the dir where it's saved.

I do not recognize if there is some easier means.

Edit : Nautilus will certainly store the thumbnails in memory. You will certainly require to close and also start once more Nautilus to compel it to recreate them.

2019-05-08 07:07:51