Just how do I arrangement multiple monitors in Burnout Paradise?

I have 2 displays and also I intend to set up Burnout Paradise to make use of both of them. When I defined in the video game alternatives to make use of 2 displays, as opposed to extending throughout both it placed both display screens on a solitary display. What am I missing out on?

I am running the video game on Windows 7 x64.

2019-05-05 00:06:22
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What graphics card are you making use of?

From this thread on GameFAQs:

Burnout ™ Paradise The Ultimate Box sustains approximately 3 displays making use of the Matrox TripleHead2Go equipment.

NVidia customers might additionally have the ability to make use of numerous displays by configuring their display screens to make use of 'Horizontal Span' in the NVidia Control Panel."

2019-05-09 09:30:55