Pointers for Programs to create for learning

i marvel in addition to those really straightforward hello there globe applications, what various other programs need to i attempt creating for learning. i am getting in uni next year and also question what sort of programs will certainly be created because setting.

this is not actually a language details point, yet if you need to know what i usage presently mostly

  • windows: C#/ WPF - i researched java/vb etc in poly yet i assume C# is the means to go, perhaps even F#
  • internet: PHP/MySQL, Zend Framework/Doctrine, + HTML/CSS/JS (jQuery) certainly. aiming to attempt google application engine with python also.

in the meantime, i am thinking about

  • todo checklists
  • applications that incorporate with api eg. twitter/tumblr which i usage
  • full-screen editor - i am presently attempting to create a full-screen editor that makes use of markdown and also creates html apply for watching (link to blog site access). not really pratical after i began creating it. cos when editing and enhancing theres no format and also in HTML layout, i can not modify straight

  • blog site software program (for internet)

2019-05-03 23:05:08
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CodePlex.com checklists several open source tasks that were used C#. You can have a look at the website to get some suggestions.

2019-12-04 09:46:36

Have an appearance at Project Euler. There is absolutely nothing else like it for developing your fundamental shows abilities.

2019-05-12 03:21:00

I'm presently creating a regex parser/matcher and also its training me a massive quantity concerning parsing and also limited state equipments and also normal expressions themselves, to name a few points. The factor I specifically assume a regex parser serves is due to the fact that the regex language is tiny, and also is rather restricted in what it can do.

An additional point I did was to write an interpreter for Ook!, which is a straightforward job, once again, educates you a bunch.

2019-05-11 17:20:12

(This is primarily a mata solution, as opposed to a task checklist.)

Think of why you are creating the program : Will it serve in its very own right, or is it totally to find out a facet of a tool/API/language?

In the last instance there is an advantage to the resulting program being as brief as feasible, and afterwards simply maintained for reference.

In the previous instance why not expand the learning to excellent technique throughout : think you will certainly require to keep and also expand it. Consequently make use of resource control, concern monitoring, refactoring, device screening, ... as every one of these points go to the very least as vital for a programmer as recognizing an additional API.

Just how around a feed integrator :

  • RSS/Atom resources
  • Handle twitter utilizing its API (and also do link un - reducing)
  • Based on resource permit pluggable blog post handling (as an example downloading and install mp3s from a podcast feed)

(The suggestion is to concentrate on incorporating various executions of the very same standard : set up HTTP get of an RSS feed vs. Twitter API vs. ... every one of which are below a stream of access with time stamp, resource and also web content.

2019-05-08 07:09:09

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