Therapist attachments for end-game raiding in WoW?

As a followup to my earlier question, what attachments are readily available to aid therapists in end-game raiding? Just how do they collaborate with minimal screen property? (I currently make use of Skada, BadKitty, DBM, MikScrollingBattleText, TidyPlates and also SexyCooldown)

2019-05-05 00:41:50
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Between X - Perl Raidframes and also snowstorm is macros, I do not require anything else.

X - Perl has a great deal of alternatives to inform me all I might desire to find out about when I'm recovery.

I make use of macros that cast recovery spells on friendlies and also damages spells on adversaries - relying on what I'm targeting. After that I can switch over to my 2nd bar (change - 2) to make use of the very same macros in mouseover variations. Add a computer mouse with added switches bound to the number keys, and also I can do one - hand recovery. And also usually do.

(For reference, in 5 - males, I can one - hand any kind of criterion (l200) 80 brave with my key-board too ; I needed to do something to maintain it testing when I obtained severely overgeared. Also nasty containers hardly ever mess points up unless I'm recovery from important specification.)

2019-05-17 00:15:51

I would actually advise vudoh! It's primarily a mix of all the various other therapist addons (healbot/ grid/ clique/ decursive) in one.

It's entirely personalized and also permits you to arrangement various configs based upon team dimension. It has actually constructed - in click - to - actors capability, or you can make use of computer mouse - over macros. You can show team participants and also there targets.

Click - to - actors additionally identifies adversaries, so you can cast unsafe spells on them.

It additionally has a wonderful buffing panel. It will certainly demonstrate how several in the team are rubbed, missing out on aficionados, or reduced (just for aficionados you can give). To rub, simply click the symbol.

Has actually a constructed in array finder and also aggro detector. Has actually panels for appointed containers and also aids and also you can have your very own exclusive containers.

2019-05-12 10:23:36

One point I have not seen in this checklist that I locate rather valuable is a HoT timer. My existing choice is ForteExorcist. That's wonderful when you need to know just how much time is left on your Regrowth or such. It'll track most time relevant things : HoTs, DoTs, CDs, debuffs.

For a buffing addon (not straight pertaining to recovery), I'm presently making use of ZOMGBuffs. It's rather well set up out of package, and also it binds to the mousewheel when out of fight for very easy buffing (actually convenient if you're a pally), yet just if you (or a person in your team) is missing out on a set up aficionado. It'll grab the short-term temperature aficionados like Hysteria (Blood DK ability) too, and also offer you a different switch to cause those (along with targeting the last individual it was made use of on).

2019-05-11 18:15:14

I do endgame recovery on my Tree, I think you're additionally druid becaue you've obtained BadKitty mounted.

I make use of the adhering to addons :

  • oUF_freebgrid - Simple and also collaborates with default arrangement
  • Clique - Click recovery. Functions with all raid structures.
  • DBM - Indispensable
  • Recount

That's all I require for recovery. I have various other addons, yet none pertain to raiding. oUF_freebgrid will certainly show curses/poisons you can remove, expect the debuff symbol and also use the proper dispell.

oUF_freebgrid Also reveals you a countdown for your rejuv, a little face of differing personalities for your lifebloom, and also environment-friendly dots to show regrowth/wild development energetic on your target. (Assuming Resto Druid certainly). This isn't totally instinctive, yet you are familiar with which pixels suggest what rather promptly when you're hemming and haw the raid handing out HOTs sweet.

I locate recount to be unbelievably valuable, you're making use of Skada which is equivilent. I make use of the recovery meters to recognize if I'm drawing my weight with heals. I bind lower and also uppercase J to DPS vs. Healing meters. I see DPS so I recognize that to fight - res - that cares if a below - the same level DPS passes away, yet if the 15k DPS rogue has actually acquired the ranch I'm mosting likely to stand him support.

2019-05-10 16:18:19

For me, the noticeable selection is Pitbull4, with it's near - boundless costumizability.

The only point it does not do is click - spreading, which I despise anyhow, yet you can possibly make use of Clique with it.

Below's a number of screenshots :

1 (It does not show below, but also for dead, offline and also AFK gamers, their standing turns up listed below their name. All presented message can be seperately scripted in Lua.)

2 (Range fader at work, for seekers it's profession array I assume.)

3 (You're not limited to a grid sight, like in a few other addons.)

4 (Grid - like, with names cut to 5 personalities.)

5 (There's a debuff on me I can resolve, it turns up in the boundary by default.)

Additionally very advised, yet out the screenshots : Inline Aura, OmniCC and also !Cooldown Fader, that make considering your activity bar switches enjoyable.

2019-05-08 16:23:02

For me the most effective one is Healbot.

Shammy Healer below.

2019-05-08 05:56:17

Googling for Healing Addon List the first outcome is a question on with a respectable approved solution. I've priced estimate the solution listed below for reference.

From - Healing Addons List

Raid structures

"Grid is a modular, light-weight, and also screen-estate conserving grid of party/raid device structures."

A great raid structure which is really valuable for therapists. (Clbull)
Note : it can take a great deal of messing to set up just how you like it, yet great deals of tutorials exist for it and also as soon as you master it, it's very easy. ( lilserf)


Clique "Clique is a straightforward GUI that allows you assign click-casting for any kind of variety of device structures. Click casting permits you to specify the actions the video game takes when you click on a structure. This can be casting spells, running a macro, making use of an thing, or something as straightforward as transforming targets or aiding a device."

Superb when made use of with Grid to allow you bind numerous clicks (right, left, center, shift-left, etc) to various spells. (lilserf)


Decursive "Decursive is a cleaning mod planned to provide ailment elimination very easy, reliable and also enjoyable for all the courses having this capacity."

I make use of Decursive, and also I think it (or. a comparable addon) is not just handy,. yet critical . (Hhoky)


VuhDo "VuhDo is a raid display comparable to CTRaidAssist or. Snowstorms integrated raid structures. Primarily this has to do with presenting the. wellness of raid participants in kind of. plainly prepared bars. VuhDo is. largely routed to recovery courses,. yet will certainly use to virtually any kind of various other. class. In addition numerous recovery spells. or various other activities can be insisted to. computer mouse clicks those bars. ( Click-Heal)."

This is a strong substitute for Grid,. Society, Healbot, what-have-you. Complete. raid structures, capacity to bind spells. ( and also Macros!) to key and also computer mouse clicks. on those structures, assimilation with the. inbound heals collections so you can. inform when a person is mosting likely to be great. or otherwise, capacity to present HoTs. conveniently, and also most importantly-- it functions. out of package. Grid can take some. time to set up effectively, yet VuhDo. simply functions. (Celairia)

Player versus Player

Gladius "Gladius includes adversary device structures to sectors for less complicated. targeting and also concentrating. It is very. configurable and also you can disable the majority of. attributes of this addon."

Gladius is every sector gamer's desire. Similar to VuhDo it will certainly lack the. box ; you can merely drag the window to. where you would certainly such as and also enter a sector. Nonetheless, if customisation is your. forté after that there will certainly be plenty to. maintain you active. Along with the. common Blizzard UI attributes of monitoring. health/mana matters and also spellcasting,. ( albeit in a prettier means,) Gladius. tracks adversary ornament up/downtime and also. drinking/first-aiding, along with. numerous vital aficionados and also cooldowns. ( Roble)


VisualHeal "VisualHeal is a tiny and also straightforward yet effective device. for all courses that aesthetically reveals. your heals to others and also heals. inbound to you from others by methods. of 2 information-packed, yet. instinctive bars."

It reveals all inbound heals to my. target (wonderful for seeing overheals,. or disturbing heals to make best use of raid. recovery). (Hhoky)

SmartRes "SmartRes places bars on your screen that have timers. for the numerous resurection spells : Resurrection, Ancestral Spirit,. Revitalize, Redemption, and also informs you that. is casting on whom, how much time it will. require to bring the target back to. life."

I additionally make use of an inbound Rez addon,. called SmartRes, yet that's simply my. individual choice, to make best use of. rez's. (Hhoky)


PoMTracker "A mod that tracks that Prayer of Mending is. leaping to and also the amount of costs you. have actually left. Presenting it in a tiny. movable window structure." (Hhoky)

Hope it aids!

2019-05-08 04:31:24