Application that checks neighborhood network for common folders?

I'm seeking an application that can check my neighborhood network and also report any kind of common folders it locates. I've attempted iStumbler, yet it just offers you details on equipments that are showing to Bonjour. Anything around that looks harder, ie. programs samba, nfs, etc?

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The actual concern below is that I have an exterior hard disk drive attached to my router, and also I would love to see to it that the samba share I've developed on it is functioning. Primarily I desire a port scanner that is straightforward and also will certainly offer great deals of details concerning what is actually being revealed on the network.

2019-05-05 00:45:51
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Just to add even more details, OS X has a portscan application given that Panther (regarding I can bear in mind). Network Utility (in/ Applications/Utilities/Network will certainly do a Port Scan.

I does not have the power of nmap, yet it's a fast means to see if a solution is running. namp is god anyhow.

2019-05-16 23:13:20

Finder by default will certainly show common folders for the majority of solutions.

For an even more detailed consider what an equipment is running you can constantly port scan the heck out of it. After that attaching is as very easy as remembering correct guidelines over telnet or linking into Finders 'Connect to Server' dialog.

nmap (actually sudo nmap) is just one of the fastest, most insightful port scanning devices around. It spanks the trousers off any kind of GUI for rate and also solution understanding. Attempt something like the the adhering to.

# [target ip] = Ip of the host to scan
sudo nmap -PN -n -sV --version-all [target ip]
2019-05-08 05:40:18