Exists a secure means to relocate the/ Users folder to a different volume/drive?

I have an SSD heading and also will certainly be relocating my HDD to the optical bay port in my MBP. I intend to boot from the SSD and also store my/ Users folder on the HDD. I've seen the manner in which every person recommend relocating a specific account's residence folder to a different partition.

Nonetheless, I intend to relocate the ENTIRE/ Users folder. I do not intend to trouble with relocating specific customer accounts, and also I desire any kind of new accounts I create to stay on the HDD with no added actions apart from developing the customer.

I currently have a full duplicate of my/ Users directory on a different partition I developed for screening this out. Exists a secure means (i.e. will certainly not create any kind of troubles with application or OS capability) to route OS X to make use of the new/ Users folder?

2019-05-05 01:42:25
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I've done this, actually, I'm making use of a no - optical MBP now.

Below is my experience detailed in full.


  1. I placed the SSD in the optical bay, given that the HDD bay has resonance dampers and also the optical bay remedy I acquired did not have anything near what can be found in the initial HDD bay. The SSD has no resonance, so it's an excellent fit there.
  2. I concur with Fishtoaster ... see my link over for just how I did it.
  3. I have bootcamp and also rEFIt mounted, so when I boot, I get alternative for SSD Mac, HD Mac, or Windows ... jobs rather perfectly.
2019-05-12 15:10:50

The ideal means to do this is possibly to arrangement/ Users as an automounted partition, with all your residence directory sites in the origin of that partition. I am mosting likely to think you have actually currently replicated over the residence directory sites effectively (with approvals made it possible for). Currently you simply require to add the quantity to/ etc/fstab. Thinking the parition is called Users, you add a line similar to this :

LABEL=Users /Users  hfs rw,auto

As opposed to making use of the quantity name you can additionally make use of the quantities GUID if you recognize just how to locate it, which would certainly be a little extra trusted (it would certainly protect against problems if you ever before put an additional quantity with the name Users. That would certainly looks something like :

UUID=DF000C7E-AE0C-3B15-B730-DFD2EF15CB91   /Users  hfs rw,auto

You can locate even more details in man 5 fstab. Be advised, that manpage is primarily concerning the shows user interface for fstab, yet additionally enters into the documents. However it does not enter into all the alternatives readily available, there actually seems no excellent documents for it, yet this need to offer you sufficient to get what you desire done.

2019-05-08 06:51:50

May be able simply create a simlink to the/ User directory site.

To do this, open Terminal and also enter :

cd [SeperateDrivePath*]
ln -s ./Users /Users

You'll intend to relocate your initial Users folder off the beaten track (relabel it or relocate or whatever).

*Where [SeperateDrivePath ] is the course to your quantity simply below the duplicated/ Users folder. Possibly something like/ Volumes/Some Hard Drive Name/. In this instance, your duplicates/ Users need to exist at/Volumes/Some Hard Drive Name/Users.

2019-05-08 06:44:24