Just how do you get the betting password in Monkey Island 2?

At one factor in the video game, you're attempting to presume a password to get the next winning number on the betting wheel. It's a collection of hand mixes. Exists a straightforward formula to establish what numbers the numerous hand motions represent?

2019-05-05 02:03:17
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I'm not exactly sure I bear in mind appropriately yet I'll offer it a shot.

The proper solution is constantly the quantity of fingers he receives his instance.

As an example : If he claims "If this is 3", and also he stands up 4 fingers, after that he stands up an additional variety of fingers and also asks "what is this?", the proper solution would certainly be 4.

To make it clear, he reveals you 2 collections of fingers and also the variety of fingers he stands up the very first time is the proper solution.

So there is not actually any kind of formula or anything, and also no matter what he claims the first fingers represent, you simply need to consider the amount of fingers he is standing up which will certainly be the response to the next set of fingers.

2019-05-08 08:02:29