Exists a less complicated means to defeat Lilith in Jade Cocoon 2 (PS2)?

I've ultimately ended up all the Dark woodlands (via the Kaya gateway) in Jade Cocoon 2 for the PS2, yet I'm actually stuck on just how to defeat Lilith (the changed Levant).

I maintain having long fights which do not actually total up to a lot, so I maintain resetting without conserving so I maintain my things.

Does any person have any kind of approaches that have functioned?

2019-05-05 02:08:49
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this was drawn from an approach and also was created by : Rocky Valkryie.

Recommended method : Hopefully you brought a lot of strike up and also provoking publications and also it need to end well. Additionally, see to it that of your fire monsters has an all - striking action like soldote. Provoking publication+Strong MG customer+Inciting publication = First transform smaller sized - kalma kill. That will certainly leave your 2 various other solid opponents an opportunity to strike the larger kalma. Do this till you lack MP. With any luck you still have some publications left, also. Currently switch over to the water side and also delay out. Tishalite serves to have. Switch over when the MP is up once more and also duplicate the Inciting publication+Fire development point. When you lack publications or 1 or 2 of your fire development monsters pass away, switch over to the wind side. If you have excellent solid opponents below, that is actually excellent. When they go out, resort to the planet side. When all else falls short, delay out with the water side to restore your opponents. That is all my suggestions. Blockquote

2019-05-18 08:07:17