Just how to get the supply music player to play WMA documents?

I'm making use of android 2.2 on a supply Nexus one (from the pre-developer phone phase). Should the music player have the ability to manage WMAs? I'm certain I've seen referrals to it managing them, yet they are presently simply dead weight on the SD card.

I in fact fairly like the supply gamer so mounting a new gamer is the fallback alternative.

2019-05-05 02:21:12
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Having been advised I asked this inquiry, I did a little bit of excavating and also it appears that this is an attribute of the nexus one and also actually something I need to have recognized (or located quicker than I did).

Specification goes to: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_google_nexus_one-3069.php

Includes the line: - MP3/eAAC npls/ WAV music player

... which notedly leaves out wma.

As others have actually recommended, this is nexus one details and also will certainly call for added software program to address.

2019-05-20 23:52:43

I had the very same trouble too with the stock music gamer. I attempted this set rather - - > http://www.mixzing.com/ and also it settled my concern.

2019-05-19 20:01:06

I made use of to have WMA assistance when I first obtained my HTC Desire Z, and also from the appearances of points on the net, HTC Sense gives (/ given?) WMA assistance itself - clarifying the absence of love for the layout on the Nexus One. I have actually given that rooted and also shed this on Cyanogenmod, first with the system falling short to read Artist tags yet still playing in the supply gamer, and also currently falling short to dip into all.

I would certainly recommend PowerAmp as a short-lived workaround as this does acknowledge WMAs and also is, usually, fairly an excellent gamer. I really did not expensive paying after the free test, nonetheless, so have actually begun re - tearing my music right into MP3 layout.

The Android collection will certainly not index WMA documents, yet any kind of application that constructs its very own collection of tracks need to be adequate (Museek made use of to, prior to coming to be JukeFox).

2019-05-13 15:59:22

The supply music player on my EVO plays.wma tracks, yet it does not read any one of the meta information (track number, musician etc)

I have actually attempted numerous music applications and also none appropriately read this meta information. Music Player Pro is significantly above any one of the others and also is well worth the price.

2019-05-09 03:44:05