Which treasures are most valuable in catches in Gemcraft (Chapter 0)?

In Gemcraft Chapter 0, which of the 8 treasure shades are one of the most valuable in catches? Exist some shades that are just worth it to place in towers?

2019-05-05 02:23:06
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Well, this relies on your having fun design, yet usually, any kind of treasure that has a lengthy - long-term result (i.e. Slowing and also Poison) are much better, due to the fact that their Effect is boosted.

Damages - creating treasures come to be much less reliable, so Splash and also Shock are bad selections for regular play. They can be an excellent selection on a throng degree, nonetheless.

And also ultimately, if you are making use of Stealing treasures largely as an income, you would certainly, certainly, advantage in position them in catches, as opposed to towers.

2019-05-08 06:20:46