Just how to make program autostart just in GNOME

I make use of both GNOME and also KDE SC. In GNOME, I make use of Docky yet I do not utilize it with KDE. So, I would certainly such as Docky to start up just when I login right into GNOME not KDE. In KDE, there is an alternative to make a program autostart just in KDE. Yet I can not locate any kind of such alternative in GNOME.

Just how can I do this?

Many thanks beforehand.

2019-05-05 02:48:19
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You can modify the start-up object in ~/.config/autostart and also add this throughout :


It's an inadequately called alternative, yet it will certainly create KDE not to start the application.

2019-05-08 18:56:30

I do not have actually kde mounted to validate this yet I think including the application below : System - > Preferences - > Sessions - > Startup Programs is gnome details.

If that does not function you can constantly place the program in a wrapper manuscript that examines the value of the setting variable $DESKTOP_SESSION. Something similar to this :

if [ $DESKTOP_SESSION == "GNOME" ];then

Hope this solutions your inquiry!

2019-05-08 18:55:34

System > Preferences > Startup Applications This is the Gnome choice to the KDE Startup Manager.

2019-05-08 06:27:22