Where can I level Puppetmaster from 75 to 80 solo?

What are some excellent camp websites in Final Fantasy XI where I can solo previous degree 75 on my Puppetmaster? Ideally ones that do not call for a Scholar assistance work, given that I have not leveled that work yet.

2019-05-05 03:33:31
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Seriously however, why degree solo any longer? Have you attempted an Abyssea partnership? They hop on the order of 40 - 45k/hr once they rise to speed up ; People are going from 75 - 80 in the issue of a solitary mid-day, plus obtaining a quality or 2 therein. Given that regular event characteristics do not matter as a lot, work option is a whole lot extra adaptable. Hang around in Whitegate awhile, and also you'll possibly see a couple of yells for individuals placing one with each other.

2019-05-12 14:06:10