Does Windows 7 Home Premium bear in mind network share passwords?

Among one of the most aggravating constraints of both Windows XP Home and also Vista Home Premium was they did not bear in mind network passwords after reboot. Panorama also had a 'bear in mind password' check box which not did anything.

Does Windows 7 Home Premium bear in mind network passwords?

Modified to add: I am chatting below concerning network shared sources, like \ \ web server \ songs or something, not cordless accessibility passwords.

Additionally Edited to add: I have actually currently attempted this on the last release, and also passwords can be born in mind, although occasionally this calls for by hand establishing of username/password in the 'Credential Manager' in User Settings in Control Panel.

2019-05-05 03:37:30
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I am not exactly sure what your concern is due to the fact that both of these variations of Windows bore in mind passwords for me. I have a laptop computer with Vista Home Premium right below that bears in mind the password simply great. I am thinking this is a cordless concern you are experiencing and also believe you have a network concern because your computer system is frequently looking for the most effective link. Are you experiencing this on one computer system you made use of for both OS is or is it various computer systems? Does your computer system bear in mind the proper time?

2019-05-17 07:44:38