Just how do you re-associate an Airport Time Machine backup after moving to a new mac?

I made use of the movement aide to replicate my documents straight from my old Mac to a new one.

My new Mac will not "link" Time Machine backup on my Airport disk.

I can surf the old Time Machine backup, nonetheless.

I did locate the relevant write-up with this details comment: http://www.macosxhints.com/comment.php?mode=display&format=threaded&order=ASC&pid=97623

However, my Mac still will not relate to the old Time Machine backup.

Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-05 04:05:37
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I assume you should not attempt to do this.

I made use of the movement aide to replicate my documents

So, you've replicated your records and also some even more (yet not the entire backup), after you mounted Mac OS X (or, onto a system that had OS X pre - mounted)? If so, after that the old backup is merely not an excellent depiction of your existing Mac.

If you can in some way apply a deep traversal (for this to take place, fseventsd on your Mac have to be misleaded right into " occasions visit/ Volumes/. out of sync with quantity. damaging old logs." , adhered to by Time Machine's " Event store UUIDs do not match [. ] Node calls for deep traversal" ), after that possibly it will certainly come to be a trusted complete backup nevertheless. And afterwards this new backup, or any kind of more recent backup, can be made use of for a complete system recover (yet not making use of back-ups that were developed prior to the deep traversal, as I assume those absolutely do not match your existing Mac).

If you actually intend to go in this way, after that we require even more details concerning the troubles you're presently encountering. Anything in the log documents (Console) as an example?

I can surf the old Time Machine backup, nonetheless.

Making use of Finder, or making use of Time Machine? If, any time, you intend to recover documents from at any time Machine Backup, after that merely hold back Option while releasing Time Machine (or while clicking the symbol). This will certainly transform "Enter Time Machine" right into "Browse Other Time Machine Disks".

2019-05-08 16:34:02

This is not my solution, this is a copy/paste of the write-up connected by the initial poster, for less complicated reference :

From : http://www.macosxhints.com/comment.php?mode=display&format=threaded&order=ASC&pid=97623

I also have actually needed to recover a Time Capsule-based TM backup, and also it ends up that this procedure does function. The order of the commands is a little changed, yet this need to care for points for you. In the case code, allow's think that that "Time Capsule" is the inner disk of your Time Capsule, and also "Backup of MyMac" is the name of the sparsebundle disk photo quantity that places when you generally back up to your Time Capsule. First of all, double-click your old (proper) sparsebundle disk (MyMac_00f9e8d7c6b56. sparsebundle) photo and also place that quantity on your Desktop. Additionally, to state, old MAC = 00 :f9 :e8 :d7 :c6 :b5, new MAC = 00 :1a :2b :3c :4f :56, as they are above.

$ sudo fsaclctl -p /Volumes/Backup\ of\ MyMac -d
$ sudo xattr -w com.apple.backupd.BackupMachineAddress 00:1a:2b:3c:4f:56 /Volumes/Backup\ of\ MyMac/Backups.backupdb/MyMac
$ sudo fsaclctl -p /Volumes/Backup\ of\ MyMac -e
$ cd /Volumes/Time\ Capsule
$ sudo mv .00f9e8d7c6b56 .001a2b3c4f56
$ sudo mv MyMac_00f9e8d7c6b56.sparsebundle MyMac_ .001a2b3c4f56.sparsebundle

What we've done below is we've impaired and also re-enabled ACLs within the sparsebundle quantity (where Backups.db in fact is) and also made use of xattr to transform the MAC address in the fashion received the initial tip. Next we mosted likely to the moment Capsule's quantity and also transformed the MAC address documents and also the name of our backup to both mirror our new MAC address. I'm rather particular this need to benefit Time Capsule-based TM back-ups ... it has actually benefited me, so best of good luck.

2019-05-08 03:52:56