What attributes does Darwin have that Unixes do not, or the other way around?

Does Darwin have any kind of attributes that specify to it? Do various other Unixe (s) have attributes that Darwin does not have?

2019-05-05 04:14:42
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The highlight of Darwin that in fact matters is that OS X utilizes it, actually.

2019-05-18 07:17:38

When it comes right to it, isn't Darwin simply a slim BSD layer in addition to Mach 2.0?

I made use of to make use of NeXTStep, I do not recognize just how much existing MacOSX leaves from NeXTStep, yet ...

Mach 2.0 supplied a various set of abstractions at the bit degree :

  1. A "job" : that's an address room+a set of "ports", perhaps with a string running in it.
  2. Strings. This was the schedulable device of implementation. A job (address room) can have greater than 1 running in it. I think that Mach - O documents (Mach's executable documents layout) can define greater than one string at procedure run time : no major () function that began extra Cthreads, the OS would certainly start one.
  3. Ports. These aren't such as TCP or UDP ports. They were keyed in, gotten streams of messages. Instead RPC - like. You composed a method specification documents, after that ran that via a compiler to get server and also customer side stubs, aligning and also unmarshalling regimens, etc
  4. User degree memory pagers. You can set up a job+string to take care of paging of various other jobs' address rooms.

The initial CMU Mach individuals made use of these abstractions to mimic BSD Unix procedures, MS - DOS procedures, and also in a remarkable fit of freakiness, VMS jobs. Each VMS job took 2 Mach jobs, plus several strings. Someone made use of to market a Mac OS (pre - OSX) emulator for NeXTStep that made use of the customer - room - pagers to excellent result.

The old CMU Mach magazines web page : http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project/mach/public/www/doc/documents_top.html

The VMS - on - Mach paper : http://www.sture.ch/vms/Usenix_VMS-on-Mach.pdf

2019-05-08 17:55:26

Darwin is based upon FreeBSD. One trendy attribute that is not existing in various other Unix running systems (in my experience) is the Berkeley Packet Filter , also known as /dev/bpf. This is a really functional tool you can make use of for package recording.

2019-05-08 15:14:20

OS X is the only continuing to be os based on the Mach microkernel which is additionally still readily pertinent. There are a couple of recurring study tasks and also obsolescent OSes that no question are still being made use of in manufacturing setups on old equipments, yet absolutely nothing you can head out and also acquire on a new equipment today.

OS X has the common array of bit attribute conflicts that any kind of *ix has. The largest one I most lately needed to function about is an absence of System V message queues. (msgget(2) and also close friends.) We needed to change our message line up code-- which was created for a "actual" System V version and also later on ported to Linux-- with TCP/IP to get our software program to work on OS X. For our application, the distinctions in between these 2 IPC approaches mattered at the time we made the selection to select message lines up, yet as a result of later on building adjustments, it wound up not being a large bargain to switch over to TCP/IP.

2019-05-08 11:11:24

I assume it's ideal to define Darwin as simply an additional flavour of UNIX. Solaris is one. HP/UX is an additional. There are whole lots more, possibly not as "high - account" yet they're there. And also with every flavour comes its very own specifics. That's why there are flavours to begin with. Some firm invents something which would certainly aid marketing it (or merely collaborating with it or perhaps supervising it) and also develops it and also offers it its very own name.

2019-05-08 10:41:02

Fist that involves my mind is all devices that OSX have in console. there are lots of better commands that unix have. Diskutil it's like dividing magic in shell, this device have a lot alternatives for disk procedures that fdisk is actually simply 10% of what this monster have ... btw osx sustains actually wonderful Software Raid assistance you can have JBOD, Strip and also Mirror software program raid kinds. does actually unix have this? in your desires !! ;D

SystemProfiler - wonderful device which present all hardware id's, names, versions, sn's and also things like that in a VERY comfy means.

darwin bit isn't entirely clear like in unix.

darwin have killall util = P unix do not, just ability

various documents system additionally. HFS, HFS+

possibly last i'll bear in mind even more =)

2019-05-08 07:13:43

Darwin has a reasonably tiny set of sustained documents system kinds. In addition to specials like devfs and also network kinds like webdav, the checklist is :

  • HFS/HFS+
  • ISO - 9660/UDF/CDDA
  • NTFS
  • FAT

Of this checklist, just UFS was made for Unix, although HFS+ has actually been updated to sustain all essential Unix capability. Since Mac OS X 10.6, UFS can not be made use of for the origin dividing, although this constraint possibly does not relate to Darwin. By default, HFS+ is instance - aloof, although instance level of sensitivity can be asked for at production time. Although Mac OS X will certainly work on an instance - delicate dividing, several high - account Mac applications will certainly not (eg Adobe CS).

For some time, Apple was intending to supersede HFS with ZFS, and also also delivered ZFS with some variations of Mac OS X, yet regretfully this experiment at some point fell short as a result of unresolvable licensing issues.

2019-05-08 06:37:37

This isn't fairly a solution yet, DTrace is an outstanding system debugging device that exists for Solaris, Darwin/OS X, and also *BSD, yet not Linux.

2019-05-08 05:24:05

If I've listened to appropriate Darwin, as launched by Apple, no more operates as an independent operating system, so I would certainly mention that the largest distinction it has is OS X in addition to it. :D

Although the assimilation in between the old Mac OS, new Mac OS X, and also NeXT things is occasionally absurd, little energies like diskutil and also hdiutil are wonderful. Possibly it is some old Mach bit engineers left over from NeXT that make use of these little points and also respect them that have actually seen to it XCode such an excellent device, also.

2019-05-08 02:07:44