HTC People Widget - Improve Touch Accuracy?

I have HTC's individuals widget on among my residence displays. I like its capability yet occasionally when I touch a call, an additional one obtains picked. An entirely various call obtains the environment-friendly option box and also it begins to call them. With my good luck this generally causes calling my moms and dads at some unearthly hr.

I've made use of touch visualizers to see if that location of my touch screen is having troubles yet all looks penalty. Individuals widget is the only point that appears to be influenced.

I've additionally attempted getting rid of and also re-adding the widget. Exists a solution for this? Or an equivalent substitute?

2019-05-03 23:15:09
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There possibly isn't much you can do to deal with HTC's widget. On the various other hand you can acquire LauncherPro Plus which has its very own People Widget which functions flawlessly great for me.

LauncherPro QR Code:

Otherwise you can check out on the marketplace and also I'm certain you'll locate an additional People Widget someplace.

2019-05-11 17:32:00

I think I observed a comparable concern ... I merely waited a couple of secs and afterwards pressed the screen side - to - side without leaving the screen. I saw the widget type of refresh with the calls back in order.

2019-05-10 17:17:31

You can attempt Call Confirm, which offers a popup to validate if you intend to call claimed individual.

I have not attempted it myself, yet I've heard it is advised for unintended touch screen concerns.

QR Code for Call Confirm :

2019-05-07 17:59:34