Just how do you create a customer without password?

In os X it's feasible to have users without passwords. If you evaluate them with dscl their password turn up as *. This is made use of for system users such as users for data sources like mysql, pgsql and so on. What's wonderful concerning this is that these users does not turn up at the login screen and also you can not login as them without sudo and so on

. After removing such a customer attempting some points out I intended to recreate it, yet could not. I can procure a customer with an empty password and also I can set the password to *. Yet none had the very same result as above, as the customer turned up on my login screen.

Just how do you create such a customer?

2019-05-05 04:58:46
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A customer in/ etc/passwd with residence directory site of/ dev/null and also shell of/ sbin/nologin, can be made use of for sudo ing commands, yet can not in fact be logged right into, as an example ;

from my/ etc/passwd

tcpdump:x:104:441:added by portage for tcpdump:/dev/null:/sbin/nologin

I half remember this will certainly make it go away from the XDM login screen also, yet I do not make use of XDM any longer, to make sure that's a hunch : -)

2019-05-08 08:50:07

I can not be particular concerning OSX, yet on FreeBSD you can make use of :

pw add user mymuser -g mygroup -s /nonexistent -h -

the value of - passed to the -h alternative informs pw to set the password area in master.passwd to *, hence developing a no - login account. Establishing the covering isn't purely essential, yet stays clear of a covering check from/ etc/pw. conf.

2019-05-08 08:07:18

If you get on Ubuntu you can exchange in the password for the Ubuntu customer in/ etc/shadow check out this write-up :


2019-05-08 06:08:02

You can run passwd --delete <username> after developing the customer with adduser. Hereafter, you'll have the ability to login without getting in a password.

2019-05-08 05:30:20