Exists a factor in accumulating all the flags in Assassin's Creed?

There are several collectable flags throughout the video game of Assassin's Creed and also every single time one is accumulated, you get a progression indication (e.g., 33 of 100). Exists any kind of factor to accumulate these, apart from boasting civil liberties? I remember obtaining all readily available flags in one certain community and also never ever saw any kind of unique incentive or key disclosed.

2019-05-05 05:14:06
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The factor is just to get the success. You do not unlock anything by accumulating them.

There are 4 success related to flags :

  1. Keeper of the lions passant - Find every one of Richard's flags in the Kingdom
  2. Keeper of the creed - Find all flags in Masyaf
  3. Keeper of the four gospels - Find all flags in Jerusalem
  4. Keeper of the crescent - Find all flags in Damascus
2019-05-08 07:29:21