Just how do I write an application install covering manuscript?

Does any person recognize just how to write a covering manuscript to install a checklist of applications? It's a discomfort to need to install each application by hand every single time I set up a new system.

Modify: It still asks me Do you want to continue [Y/n]?. Exists a means to have the manuscript input y or for it not to motivate for input?

2019-05-05 05:32:29
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Well, according to your inquiry the most convenient manuscript would certainly be :

LIST_OF_APPS="a b c d e"

aptitude update
aptitude install -y $LIST_OF_APPS

Nonetheless you can additionally enter aptitude update && aptitude install -y a b c d e. So possibly your inquiry is missing out on the critical point below. If there are some more needs it would certainly behave to clarify them.

2019-05-08 09:51:36

I would certainly think the manuscript would certainly look something similar to this :

apt-get update  # To get the latest package lists
apt-get install <package name> -y

Simply conserve that as something like install_my_apps. sh, transform the documents's buildings to make it executable, and also run it from the command line as origin.

( Edit : The -y informs apt-get not to motivate you and also simply move on with mounting)

2019-05-08 07:31:45