Is there a Palm OS - design launcher (positioning applications in groups)?

I want a launcher/home screen application which acts like the timeless Palm OS (not WebOS) launcher. Especially, every mounted application remains in specifically one group , and also you can turn in between groups. There is no different application cabinet versus residence - screen. Preferably, I can restructure the applications (and also add faster ways and also widgets) within each group, and also allow the much less - previously owned component of that group come by scrolling past the 'lower' of the screen.

(I think that iphone (therefore iphone - passionate Android launchers, probably) does a comparable point of compeling each application to be on some web page of the residence screen, yet I especially intend to have solitary groups bigger than my screen dimension ; as an example "Games".)

My objective is to make it tougher to neglect I have an application bdsh due to the fact that the typical application cabinet is a large messy checklist, I seldom consider it, and also when mounting inessential points like video games it is very easy to neglect to meticulously add it to a folder.

I would certainly additionally like it to not have added attributes which call for added approvals (widgets can examine my schedule for me, many thanks).

I am presently making use of folders to arrange my applications right into groups (in the supply Android launcher), yet this is a reasonably poor remedy :

  • There is no "Uncategorized" folder which freshly mounted applications or applications gotten rid of from various other areas wind up in.
  • I would certainly such as the "remainder of the group" to be extra normally "attached" to the residence screen (as an example scrolling down) as opposed to being a solitary symbol on it.
  • I would love to have greater than 5 groups.
  • There is a bug in the stock launcher in which making use of folders creates various other residence screen ports to be mischievous.
2019-12-06 14:37:12
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