Anything to share a printer from 32 - little bit to 64 - little bit Windows?

I've obtained a printer which just has 32 - little bit vehicle drivers, so it is mounted on a 32 - little bit equipment (XP). I require it to look like a printer (with duplex control etc) on a 64 - little bit equipment (Vista).

  • I can not simply share it making use of Windows printer sharing due to the fact that the 64 - little bit customer calls for vehicle drivers to connect to it.
  • There is no 64 - little bit vehicle driver for a comparable printer that functions (making use of the new port called \\server\printername).

I've attempted the ghostscript strategy yet that does not appear to aid with the duplex control etc

Printeranywhere does not sustain 64 - little bit OS yet.

Exists an additional means to do this?

2019-12-06 14:37:27
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