What is the far better means to add added web servers for integrity in our instance?

We have the adhering to web servers :

A. 1 x internet server running MySQL (a discussion forum) .
B. 1 x internet server running RT with Postgres.
C. 1 x internet server running a residence expanded application with MonetDB as the backend

Now certainly we intend to add a little integrity below by including an added web server per internet server in instance 1 web server passes away, etc But what is the most effective and also reasonably less costly means to do it?

  1. Get an added web server each, and also reproduce the DBs making use of the ideal modern technologies in each instance? MySQL replication for A, Slony, etc for B, and also I do not actually recognize just how to reproduce MonetDB, yet I presume it is feasible.

Why I do not like this : feasible information corruption as a result of synchronisation concerns, i.e. a short-lived power spot can create information to be contacted the servant, after that the master returns, and afterwards the replication obtains damaged. When it comes to Slony, you can not also do that, you need to advertise the servant to a master first, etc, AFAIK.

The various other point I do not such as concerning this is needing to by hand trek via all this and also identify that is doing what currently and also syncing points throughout, etc

2. Get 2 web servers with a suitable quantity of storage space and also arrangement DRBD throughout them.

Given that they will certainly have a solitary common IP, placed all the DBs, as an example MySQL, Postgres, and also Monet on the DRBD storage space. The good idea concerning DRBD is that we will not have a solitary factor of failing given that also if we shed a component of the collection, the various other web server can take control of so it is far more resistant. And also my understanding it that the internet servers over this degree can merely fall short over and also back with no demand for bothering with replication, and also syncing points, etc

3. VMs?
What is ideal technique when making use of VMs to arrangement something similar to this?

2019-12-06 14:37:41
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