Simply mounted openSUSE 11.3, and also after 5 secs, my keyboard goes to rest for 1-2 personalities?

My keyboard misses 1 or 2 personalities, whenever I stop keying for 5 secs or even more. Given that I simply mounted 11.3 openSUSE, I do not recognize if this concern is an inappropriate arrangement, a bug in 11.3, or my keyboard falling short. No matter what application I am running, or what keys are pushed.

Keyboard failing does not promise. I can not locate anything in either yast or individual choices that could repair it. Hence, I believe something in SUSE, possibly the keyboard vehicle driver, yet I am a not a Linux pro, and also I am puzzled.

It is really aggravating, needing to kkey first personalities two times after stopping.

Many thanks significantly for any kind of aid.

2019-05-05 06:00:06
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Did you upgrade your bit? There was an upgrade recently that presented this mistake : It need to be dealt with at some time quickly.

In the meanwhile you can downgrade to 2.6.34 - 12.3

2019-05-10 14:41:58