Checklist of valuable 'less' features

As opposed to request for your favored, allows simply detail them off.

What are the better commands inside less?

Directly, I make use of:

  • / (search onward)
  • ? (search in reverse)
  • F (enable tail -f like behvaior, Ctrl-C to burst out of it)
  • v (open documents in $EDITOR for editing and enhancing, defaults to vi/vim)


2019-05-05 06:06:23
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Other than the noticeable, my 2 faves :

  1. export LESS=-FX - if there is under one web page, I do not require to push q to give up
  2. Type /^HEADING to look for headings and also /^ *-option to look for alternatives
    (specifically valuable in the celebration male web page, which in large)
2019-12-03 05:38:31

This isn't a function within less, yet it is a valuable attribute.

I such as male web pages, and also favor less(1) as my pager. Nonetheless, the majority of GNU software program maintains the guidebook in the info(1) (GNU Texinfo) layout, and also I'm not a follower of the details (1) user interface. Simply offer me less.

So, I read details (1) web pages making use of less rather. The adhering to command will certainly publish out the details (1) web pages, making use of the acquainted user interface of less!

info gpg |less
2019-05-08 13:02:01

One can additionally make use of the mark attribute to bear in mind (and also leap back to) details placements in the documents.

As an example, type ma to note a placement with the tag "a". To leap back to the placement, merely type 'a. Tags can be any kind of alphabet (instance delicate) hence permitting approximately 52 feasible marks ([ a - zA - Z ]) although I hardly ever make use of greater than 2.

2019-05-08 11:49:48

-S (either at the command line or keying - and also S while running less) chops lengthy lines and also is handy when watching as an example log documents. Type - and also S once more to switch over back.

2019-05-08 11:00:38
  • ^ f - web page down
  • ^ b - web page up
  • G - most likely to completion of barrier
  • gg - most likely to the start of the barrier

additionally - a lot of them are simply strength - like features for navigating.

2019-05-08 08:12:47
  • u - up fifty percent web page
  • d - down fifty percent web page
  • k - scroll solitary align
  • j - scroll solitary line down
  • -i - instance aloof looking unless pattern has resources (as clo or in less)
  • / /pattern/ - search (made use of with n)
  • -p /pattern/ open documents at/ pattern/ (as clo)
  • & /pattern/ show lines having/ pattern/ (like grep)
2019-05-08 06:43:13