Seeking a Text Editor that does not trim a documents too soon

I'm searching for a suitable text editor. I've attempted the adhering to applications (in order of choice) : TxtPad Lite, Scribtor Notes, AmbleLink Notepad

Every one of them trim the message documents at 9025 bytes. The documents is totally there, I've validated it with cat from within Terminal Emulator. Is it a constraint of whatever usual message display screen widget they make use of or something? It's actually aggravating ...

EDIT: After attempting AK Notepad I reached assuming that possibly it was something with the message submits themselves (this is taking place on numerous documents). Each paragraph of message was a solitary line and also each documents had Unix-style line ends (line feeds). I first transformed it to make sure that each paragraph was formatted with LFs in all the appropriate areas; each text editor presented specifically 1 even more personality than previous, in regards to the message (it was much more personalities in regards to bytes, however, offered every one of the included LFs. Next I attempted transforming from LF to CR/LF (DOS-style ends). Currently I obtained a loads extra personalities of message (which was, once more, much more bytes) yet they all end at specifically the very same place. I'm actually muddle-headed to clarify it.

MODIFY: I located and also attempted Amoeba and also it has no worry with the documents; it presents the initial documents (and also the various other variations) without troubles. Yet the user interface is not that wonderful (specifically, scrolling is incredibly laborious). Any kind of suggestions around?

2019-05-05 06:39:27
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Check out "Need To Write" in the marketplace! I simply created this application so i'm shamelessly marketing it almost everywhere. I was encountering the very same troubles, so I made it to have no documents dimension restriction apart from your sdcard dimension. NTW allows you present and also modify documents tiny portions of the documents at once.

2019-05-18 02:48:49

Try AK Notepad. I'm not exactly sure what the ceiling is, yet I recognize I had the ability to create a 30kb documents in there no worry.

2019-05-08 06:37:23