Just how do I bear in mind which devices respond to which in StarCraft 2?

I locate myself clicking the "Help" switch on top of the screen to identify Rock-Paper-Scissors counters on the fly. The Help system behaves, yet I would certainly favor if there were some less complicated means to quickly discover what counters what without needing to remember an enourmous strengths/weaknesses table.

I remember in Warcraft III, there were various sorts of damages and also shield, like "Piercing" and also "Siege" or something. If something exists for StarCraft 2, it could be what I'm seeking.

Just how can I discover my StarCraft 2 device counters quickly?

2019-05-05 06:43:13
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Units have features and also the system is a little bit extra difficult than Warcraft 3.

If you consider each device it will certainly have several of the adhering to descriptors :

  • light
  • armored
  • organic
  • mechanical
  • substantial
  • psionic

For instance a marine is a light organic device while a siege container is an armored mechanical device and also a marauder is an armored organic device. This is something you will certainly need to remember with time yet generally you can presume which will use simply by considering the device or doubtful clicking it. These are conveniently readable on the HUD simply listed below the devices summary in the facility of the screen.

Currently each device might have an incentive versus among these shields making it an excellent tough counter. You can see this incentive throughout video game by picking the device and also watching the HUD in the facility of the screen. It will certainly detail the damages of the device and also any kind of incentives it obtains versus devices of a certain type.

As an example, Helion's have+dmg vs light shield and also are wonderful for eliminating zerglings, a light organic device. An Immortal has a huge+dmg incentive vs armored devices and also is a wonderful counter for various other armored devices such as marauders, siege containers, cockroaches or stalkers.

Snowstorm has actually claimed there will certainly be tutorials in the launched variation of SC2 to educate gamers for multi - gamer fight. Component of those tutorials will certainly be clarifying by instance just how these tough counters job and also which devices to construct to counter your challenger.

2019-05-10 22:06:52

I'll offer you a fast break down, yet you need to bear in mind every little thing on this checklist is incorrect. There are no tough counters in Starcraft 2 (regardless of what individuals will certainly inform you), yet there are soft counters :

  • Immortals respond to Roaches
  • Banelinges counter Marines and also Zerglings
  • Thors counter Muta
  • Ravens counter Marauders
  • Hellions respond to Zerglings (yet not speedlings)
  • Reapers respond to Zealots (yet not speedlots) and also Zerglings (yet not speedlings unless you have mass Reapers)
  • Vikings respond to Carriers, Battlecruisers, Broodlord, and also Vikings
  • Ghosts respond to Protoss and also Mutalisks
  • Infestors counter Colossus and also Thors
  • Colossus and also Templar and also Siege containers respond to mass devices (yay dash)
  • Immortals kinda counter Tanks and also Marauders
  • Sentries respond to ground
  • Ultralisks counter Stalkers and also Tanks
  • Stalkers kinda counter Roaches
  • Roaches counter Hydras!
  • Marauders respond to melee
  • Corruptors respond to Colossus, Battlecruisers, Broodlord, and also Carriers
  • Spine spiders kinda counter roaches/marauders/stalkers

Bare in mind sufficient devices or mini and also any one of these counters go the various other means.

2019-05-08 13:49:12

I'm sorry if this solution is a little bit simplified, yet I advise simply playing the video game. There aren't that several device key ins this video game, and also you reach bear in mind counters actually promptly.

Additionally, I've seen high - degree gamers that do not constantly concur with what the aid displays claim, so selecting experience is additionally much better.

2019-05-08 05:53:26