Share XP network link without reactivate?

I have my xbox360 attached to my laptop-docking-station with a simple old network wire. The laptop computer itself is attached to my residence network using wifi. Currently i've set up the windows network to make sure that the laptop computer is sharing it's net link over the lan port so the xbox can connect to the net.

Every little thing is functioning penalty for the very first time :)

But when i turn off the xbox (which i occasionally do throughout functioning hrs;) ) and also back on later on that day - the link can not be made use of once more till i reactivate windows. That looks weird to me. Am i missing out on some setup or exists any kind of device or command that i can make use of to re-initialize the common link so i do not need to reboot my equipment?

2019-05-05 06:50:32
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Have you attempted disabling and also re - making it possible for the network link in between the x - box and also the laptop computer? That usually benefits me when I require to reset a network link.

Additionally, examine the network card for the docking terminal (Under the network link - - > Properties - - > Configure switch), in the Advanced Tab, seek any kind of power - relevant setups: the card might be being switched off to conserve power.

2019-06-01 04:39:00