Just how can I utilize my existing Time Machine drive on the network?

I have an exterior HD that I've been making use of as a time machine for my MBP. Below's what I intend to do:

  • attach the drive to my desktop computer equipment
  • set up time machine on my MBP to make use of the drive as a time machine via the network
  • preserve my existing back-ups ...

So I desire time machine to proceed making use of the very same back-ups it constantly did when the drive was attached in your area. I do not intend to go back to square one.

I recognize just how to set time machine to make use of a network drive as opposed to an in your area affixed drive, yet it does not identify the existing back-ups (it intends to begin again). I'm not worried of the incurable ... just how can I get this working?

on edit:

I obtained a huge drive to make use of throughout the conversion, yet the link listed below really did not aid due to the fact that there was no hex id to be located on my equipment in the 2nd action :/

2019-05-05 06:53:39
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You'll require to transform your existing neighborhood - design Time Machine right into a sparsebundle prior to it will certainly be useful in TM over the network. You'll require some short-lived storage space someplace to create your transformed backup right into throughout this conversion.

I do not recognize the specific conversion procedure yet below are some Google would certainly web links: http://www.tidbits.com/Talk/1960

Something along the lines of hdiutil convert -format UDSB

2019-05-17 14:47:43