Gmail application: Just how can I watch the email addresses?

In the gmail application, just how can I watch the real email addresses an email has actually been sent out to, as opposed to simply the name. Occasionally the individual concerned has greater than one email address and also it would certainly serve to see which email address was made use of.

The only method I've thought of until now is to strike respond all and afterwards scroll around the cc: area, yet that is confusing, specifically if there are plenty of receivers. Any kind of far better alternatives?

I am making use of Android 1.5 on a T-Mobile Pulse (also known as Huawei U8220).

2019-05-05 07:01:50
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I have Froyo (2.2 ), and also it permits you to double - faucet the Sender is line

If the email address is not in the contacts data source, it reveals you the address and also asks you if you intend to create an access

If the address remains in the email address, a set of symbols show up (mail, text, IM, and so on.) The Contacts symbol takes you to the customer details.

Not exactly sure what takes place if Contact has 2 e-mails, attempting to arrangement examination (will certainly run tomorrow).

2019-05-18 10:18:51

The most recent variation of the Gmail application (it has actually not been launched yet, yet you can locate a duplicate of a dripped authorities APK drifting about someplace) has this attribute. It includes a "even more information" link on every email header so you can see the real email addresses made use of.

I'm not exactly sure whether this variation will certainly work with 1.5 and also up, as Google hasn't claimed anything yet. I recognize that component of their operate in 2.2 was far better dividing the Google applications like Gmail from the remainder of the system, to make sure that they can deliver updates via the marketplace. So it's feasible that this will just appear for 2.2.

2019-05-08 05:56:40