Grub area - did it most likely to the mbr or in other places?

I have a dual boot arrangement with linux and also Windows 7 with Grub as the bootloader.

My dividing table resembles this:

100 MB System Reserved Windows 7
500 GB Windows 7
100 MB /boot - ext2
500 GB linux, swap, etc.

I'm interested where GRUB mounted itself after I had this arrangement right below.

I assumed the System Reserved dividing was Windows 7's starting dividing, yet if Grub revised over it (I think on the master boot document), it feels like Windows 7 would certainly not have the ability to run.

Where does Grub install itself and also still take care of to indicate both Windows and also linux? Does it rely on just how you set your dividings?

2019-05-05 07:09:00
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There are some complex things below. First off you require to recognize that there is a "Partition Boot Record" in each piece when disk is separated (piece = key dividing). When you layout your disk, the first field is called "bootsector". The bootsector is filled and also implemented from the dividing flagged as bootable.

GRUB has simply 512 bytes around, and also it is called stage1. Phase 1 simply lots stage2 (or1.5), and also this is the documents that lots the menu.lst documents and also various other components.

Given That Stage1.5 (or Stage2) lots menu.lst from a little quantity of code, its filesystem - details (demand to be able to locate/ boot/menu. lst in your FS).

Have a look here to find out more.

In short: Stage1 remains in MBR, yet GRUB isn't simply stage1, every little thing yet Stage1 remains in/ boot.

2019-05-30 15:40:32

Grub will certainly install itself to the master boot document of your drive. It's vital to understand that the master boot document is the first field of your separated drive, and also not a dividing itself. See Wikipedia for additional information

Given this details, primarily Grub will certainly overwrite the MBR details that Windows 7 mounted, yet it will not touch the "System Reserved Partition" that Windows 7 develops (unless you ask it to). The new MBR will merely inform your system to load GRUB, and afterwards GRUB will certainly make certain that the correct OS is filled. This makes it very easy for you to switch over in between os.

2019-05-08 10:00:43

When Windows mounts itself, it places a bootloader (NTLDR in NT via XP ; winboot afterwards) in the master boot document that reviews boot.ini to show you the boot checklist. As soon as you select something from that checklist, the bootloader's work is done, and also the ideal bit is begun with a real dividing on your drive.

Grub does the very same point ; the bootloader is just there to show the grub.conf/ menu.lst checklist, and also as soon as you've selected something it moves control to a normal dividing. Hence grub will certainly overwrite the NTLDR/winboot in the MBR, yet nothing in a regular dividing, and also it recognizes just how to move control to a Windows dividing if you pick Windows from the boot checklist

2019-05-08 09:43:23

The only time I would certainly install GRUB to someplace that isn't the MBR is when on a Mac - the entire twin - starting inquiry obtains instead more intricate there. In the basic instance, GRUB will certainly be mounted to the MBR, overwriting NTLDR, and also permitting you too Linux or Windows.

2019-05-08 09:33:04