HTC HERO OTA upgrade to Android variation 2.1 firmware removed the Calibrate Touch Screen attribute from the food selections. Just how do I get it back?

HTC straight upgraded over-the-air (OTA) from 1.5 android to 2.1 android firmware on my mobile phone. Because that time, the touch-screen (which is miscalibrated) can no more be rectified, due to the fact that the food selection thing has actually gone away.

I have, certainly, asked for assistance from HTC using e-mail, yet I question that they will certainly locate a solution below, and also I believe my phone is currently scrap, unless some resourceful Phone-savvy individual can identify just how to recover this point. There is regretfully no back-up that I recognize of that I can make use of to recover this phone, and also returning to Android 1.5 has a host of concerns related to it.

Just how can I get this functioning once more? I could make use of any kind of strategy that will allow me rectify the touch screen, also if it isn't the integrated food selection thing, possibly there is a means to bring that up indirectly in some way, or via an add-on application?

By the way, HTC HERO's appear to be renowned on net cell-phone discussion forums for glitchy capacitive touch displays.

2019-05-03 23:21:09
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Unfortunately I'm rather sure this isn't feasible. How much time have you had your phone? If it's still under warranty/insured, you need to have the ability to get it changed and also can see to it that the new one has an excellent screen. Seems like an equipment trouble to me.

2019-05-07 19:48:51

Saw this on SDX Developers discussion forum. You could intend to attempt it out


This is a fast overview on just how to get the htc hero vk onto your minute.

(1 ) You will certainly require to go onto the android market and also download and install an application installer. 'appmanager' needs to function.

(2 ) Download the HTC digital key-board apk

(3 ) Connect phone to computer system, place the phone, after that relocate documents onto a folder on the sdcard. unmount.

(4 ) open appmanager -> press 'food selection' key -> select 'Install from SD'. There you can install the.apk documents. If the documents is not noticeable, press food selection once more, and also select 'Whole SD' to make sure that you can see the documents.

(5 ) Go to your residence. - > most likely to 'Settings' -> 'Locale & message'. Select 'Touch Input'.

(6 ) Go to someplace where you input message, such as messaging. Long-press on the message input area, and also select 'Input Method'. Select 'Touch Input'.

If you would love to adjust the htc vk, download this documents : calibration apk

(1 ) adhere to actions 3 and also 4 over.

(2 ) to adjust : most likely to 'settings' -> 'Locale & Text' -> 'touch input' settings -> 'message input' -> select 'calibration device'

Thanks to bjb_nyj101 for situating the htc vk; and also hokansoc for situating the calibration device.

Additionally keep in mind : the calibration device isn't essential for it to function, so you need to be alright also if you can not get it to install.


2019-05-07 19:47:19