Methods versus new "upgraded" designers

With the new designer upgrade, some old methods appear to no more job versus particular sentries. Especially I'm speaking about a degree one with a guard. The only means we located to bring them down was to send a spy in to sap after that have an ubered trial lay a stickie nest around it and also blow it all away. Soldiers and also heavies right on ubered appeared pointless unless they hopped on top of the sentry or we had a precursor or something sidetrack it. Any person else locate anything that functions?

2019-05-05 07:16:28
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If the Wrangler is your major trouble, I would certainly advise the very same method as versus the heavy/medic combination : fire the little individual to eliminate the large individual's benefit.

Concentrate on firing the designer first, in contrast to earlier when just eliminating his sentry mattered. This is the major distinction.

Additionally, scoot. bear in mind that with the Wrangler, the sentry's precision depends just on the designer, so on a human. If you make a rocket/sticky dive, as an example, he will certainly have troubles to adhere to. Very same for a precursor.

2019-05-08 06:59:47