Why is vimdiff so reduce?

Whenever I'm in vimdiff setting, my PuTTY session reduces substantially. This is specifically recognizable when I attempt to scroll down several lines by maintaining j pushed.

  1. Why is it so slow-moving in contrast to normal Vim running under vsplit? I understand it matches throughout lines and also color-highlights the distinctions, yet does that make up all the rate distinctions?
  2. What can I do concerning it? I would love to maintain line suits throughout documents (and also shade highlighting too). What setups can I transform to aid quicken the efficiency of my vimdiff energy?
2019-05-05 07:23:33
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Do you have SSH compression made it possible for? This sort of scrolling and also highlighting creates a great deal of repetitive incurable traffic ; compression makes a massive distinction over a remote link.

2019-05-10 23:03:25