iPhone stuck at "No SIM card mounted"

I "retired" my old iPhone 3GS when I obtained my glossy new iPhone 4 and also I was gladly utilizing it as an iPod touch with electronic camera and also compass.

Nonetheless, I made the blunder of throwing out the SIM inside the 3GS, due to the fact that I intended to completely disable any kind of phone features, and also see to it I really did not need to activate aircraft setting or anything silly like that.

Well, that apparently functioned penalty till iTunes updated the 3GS to iphone 4.0.2. Currently the sim-less iPhone 3GS is stuck at ...

No SIM card mounted
Insert an opened and also legitimate SIM to turn on iPhone

What draws is that I can not identify any kind of means to navigate this!

Evidently, based upon the (superb) How to Activate a Used iPhone the only means around it is to either

  1. Jailbreak
  2. Get an AT&T sim, in some way

I attempted to Jailbreak yet I was no place near clever adequate to browse the puzzle of twisty flows associated with jailbreaking this 3gs. iBoot also new? ipsw not identified? ... what?

I seem like a bonehead currently due to the fact that evidently an AT&T sim is REQUIRED to make an iPhone job also if you have no purpose of ever before utilizing it as a phone? Is that real? Just how can you navigate this "No SIM card" concern?

2019-05-05 07:25:35
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Try this:

Instead of informing every person that hasn't obtained the initial sim that activation of the iphone is very easy making use of a phone book sim card, i made this video clip to show you all just how it functions, Use any kind of phone book sim card , they exist in Radio Shack, cellphone stores or any kind of mobile technology shops. Any kind of phonebook simcard will certainly suffice, no demand for programmable sims, all those phone book sims made use of to conserve your calls and also move them have a global ICCIDs preprogrammed so they all job.


(Note : Though the web page has details concerning jailbreaking, this maneuver does not need you to j/b your phone.)

2019-05-09 07:48:59

I acquired an old, previously owned AT&T sim card from ebay.com for $4 , put it right into the phone, which functioned great - - currently the phone can be updated to new iphone alteration, despite the fact that I never ever intend to utilize it as a phone ever before once more.

As I found out by hand : do not remove and also throw out the AT&T sims from your old apples iphone, whatever!

2019-05-09 05:58:38

This is, however, anticipated actions. Whenever you turn on an iPhone (which you do as component of an OS install) it talks with Apple's web servers and also does numerous points like exchange crypto certs for APNS, etc It additionally examines the IMEI of the phone to see what service provider Apple marketed it to, and also confirms the SIM stands for that service provider (if you acquire an opened iPhone in a nation where you can acquire either secured or opened phones the supplier will in fact replicate down the IMEI variety of a regular secured phone, and afterwards enter in their system where it obtains pressed to Apple's web servers as an opened phone, there is no physical or arrangement distinction on the phones).

The most convenient means to get it turned on is (as you theorized) to make use of an AT&T SIM. You stated you have an iPhone 4, you can trigger it with that said SIM. There are a lot of firms that market microSIM to SIM adapters, yet if you intend to do it now you can simply position the mini SIM straight in the apples iphone 3GS's SIM attempt with tape. I would certainly not advise doing this on a tool you plan to maintain the SIM in for a an extensive duration due to the fact that the SIM is most likely ahead loosened (and also jam the SIM tray), yet if you are simply putting it, triggering it, and also eliminating it you need to be great as long as you are rather mindful with just how you use the tape and also not drinking the phone way too much.

2019-05-08 06:51:31

I believe you can ask AT&T for a replicate of your old SIM card, the one you had actually thrown out.

2019-05-08 06:03:22