Making use of Jorte, just how can I see which Google Calendar an occasion is related to?

Galax-S (Vibrant), Android 2.1, Jorte 1.2.5

I'm making use of Jorte (a substitute calendar application). Just how do I see which Google Calendar a details occasion is related to? Keep in mind that this is while watching an existing occasion, not developing a new occasion. When developing a new occasion I see the Calendar option combination box simply great. Many thanks!

2019-05-05 07:26:45
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With the default Calendar application, when watching an occasion the specific calendar is detailed right on top. In addition, each calendar also is shade - coded.

If Jorte isn't presenting that to you, it seems like an imperfection of the application and also something you need to seek the programmer to deal with.

2019-05-10 10:03:44