Personalized iPad motif disappointing up appropriately

I developed a motif for iPad and also am having a pair troubles with it. In my motif are 2 personalized symbols, a wallpaper, and also 2 png apply for dock (one for landscape and also one for picture). The documents framework for the motif is as adheres to:


  • Packages.
      • SBDockBGT-Landscape. png
      • SBDockBGT-Portrait. png
  • Symbols.
    • Coverflow.png
    • MediaVideo.png
  • Info.plist
  • Wallpaper.png

1.) Both symbols were developed as the very same dimension in Photoshop, yet when I SSH the motif to the iPad, one is presented larger than the various other.

2.) The various other trouble is my motif wallpaper is zoomed inaccurately and also does not transform alignment. It presents appropriately when I make use of the Set As Wallpaper alternative from iOS though. I simply need to know just how do do it in a motif ...

Any pointers?

Many thanks!

2019-05-05 07:41:09
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Answers: 1

Switching off SummerBoard Mode dealt with the symbol concern.

2019-05-08 08:55:28