Exists a far better means to take a trip worldwide with an iPhone (3GS/4 especially)?

I've taken a trip to Europe and also Asia a fair bit with apples iphone without troubles (I stay in the United States), with the exception of the reality that making telephone calls anywhere outside the United States is insane pricey and also certainly I would not risk activate information strolling for anxiety of the thousand-dollar costs.

Nowadays, however, exists not a far better means? Can I not enter into a store in the UK and also acquire a pay-as-you-go micro-sim for 30GBP and also call/data away? Is my iPhone (3GS and also 4) completely and also for life secured to AT&T unless I jailbreak it, despite having a various sim card?

I'm eager to jailbreak my 3GS to complete this goal, yet I would certainly such as to learn through a person with real-world experience prior to doing so.

Many thanks!

2019-05-05 08:06:32
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Yes your iPhone is secured on AT&T, you have to jailbreak & unlock it if you intend to make use of an additional sim. If you just take a trip to UK, you could take a pay - as - you - go sim. If you take a trip in several nation in europe you could be fascinated by http://www.callineurope.com/. It could also be intriguing if you just most likely to UK has there is an unique UK pass.

2019-05-08 08:36:40

As you've mentioned, United States iPhones are secured to AT&T. Basically, that's your only actual concern below. If you can unlock your iPhone, after that your recommending of simply grabbing a mini - sim and also utilizing it for information and also calls functions flawlessly. In the UK, we can acquire apples iphone opened, and also get our network drivers to unlock them.

What you defined is specifically what I've done when taking a trip abroad, yet it's totally dependent on having actually an opened tool to begin with. From there, you need to be excellent to go. In the UK, there's a substantial series of reduced - price, pay as you SIM just alternatives to pick from. O2 do a large series of SIM just deals, consisting of mini - sim strategies (see here).

The various other alternative to take into consideration is, if you're aiming to update to an iPhone 4 anytime quickly, acquire it abroad, from the UK, opened, and afterwards you will not need to jailbreak it in the future. UK and also European iPhone versions will certainly function flawlessly well in the United States, and also they feature an international service warranty too.

2019-05-08 08:31:07