Ubuntu and also VLC - make default and also tone

I have actually lately mounted VLC. I have actually located that when I play video clips on VLC, the tone of the shade of the video is off. I need to frequently adjust it.

Additionally just how can I make VLC my default gamer for *.avi documents?

2019-05-05 08:09:57
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Find an avi submit [appropriate click ] > Properties > click Open With tab and afterwards select VLC. This need to make vlc open all avi documents.

2019-05-08 09:08:53

I do not find out about the trouble with the Hue. Yet to make VLC your default gamer for *.avi documents you can simply [right - click ] one > Properties > Open with tab and also select VLC as the default gamer.

2019-05-08 09:06:58

To transform the tone and also make it "stick" :

1. most likely to "Tools - > Preferences"
2. click "Show setups - > All" (lower left edge)
3. expand "Video" & click "Filters"
4. enable "Image buildings filter" under "Video filter component"
5. expand "Filters" & click "Image readjust"
6. set tone to your choice and also press "Save"
7. reactivate vlc
8.??! ...
9. earnings!

child, i never ever assumed i would certainly require to figure this set out.

To set VLC as default gamer for AVIs :
1. On an avi submit right click and also most likely to "Properties" after that to the "Open With" tab
2. select "VLC media gamer"
3. ... even more earnings!

2019-05-08 07:16:11