Exists an internet sight of my integrated Google Chrome bookmarks?

Google Chrome integrates my bookmarks in between computer systems. When I am far from a computer system that has Chrome on it exists a means to watch these bookmarks on the internet?

2019-05-05 08:20:03
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Currently, no, there is no other way to watch your Chrome bookmarks on the internet. You will certainly require to make use of Chrome or a few other 3rd event expansion to get accessibility to your bookmarks. There is no URL or drive folder for Chrome bookmarks that can be watched straight in an internet browser.

Before the release of Google Bookmarks there was the capacity to watch your Google Chrome Bookmarks via Google Docs :

In the previous variation of the Documents List, if you were making use of the syncing attribute in Chrome, your bookmarks were conserved in a folder in the Documents List. With the more recent variation of the Documents List, we are no more supplying this attribute ; nonetheless, your setups in Chrome remain to sync throughout computer systems.

There is an alternative for an internet user interface for Google Bookmarks - nonetheless it is old and also unrelated to Chrome bookmarks.

2019-12-03 03:25:36