Can I set the stereo Bluetooth account as the default, or remove the mono account?

Whenever I activate my Nokia bluetooth earphones they instantly connect to my Macbook. The trouble is they constantly connect to the Mono (and also not the Stereo) account. So I need to disconnect and also reconnect with the stereo account. Exists anyhow to either delete the mono account or set the stereo account as the default?

Mac OS X 10.6 Nokia BH-905

2019-05-05 08:39:39
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Since no - one has actually tipped up with a solution, I'm mosting likely to add a couple of points that might aid get you (or somebody else) closer to a solution.

In short, your inquiry has to do with HSP - the mono headset profile and A2DP - the stereo profile.

HSP was made for 2 means, reduced latency (hold-up) audio - made for the minimal range telephone lines send for human voice regularities. It gives up audio top quality required to make stereo music audio excellent.

A2DP is everything about far better top quality and also permitting various inscribing systems to get the most effective music over a bluetooth link (with possible disturbance) and also sacrifices 2 means audio, microphone, and also includes hold-up to mark time adequate music to permit repeating short-term disturbance or stops in bluetooth.

Your headset talks both - so if you can get your headset to just market A2DP, the mac would certainly be pushed into stereo. I do not assume it is feasible, yet you could see if Nokia permits you to regulate this.

Also if you agreed to surrender HSP entirely on the mac, I do not recognize if you can delete the vehicle driver documents and also re - program the bluetooth board to not bargain HSP with your headset.

I do recognize you can make use of the Bluetooth Explorer (component of Xcode 3) to methodically clear the choices and also experiment with points to see if you can actually remove all documents of the mono pairing. Whether you can modify the account to delete HSP from the pairing document is tough to recognize unless you intended to experiment and also find out detailed just how this was crafted.

Some points that will certainly aid you track the setups remain in /Library/Preferences/ and also /Library/Preferences/Audio along with making use of the option key while pushing the computer mouse on the bluetooth food selection to reveal the bluetooth link address of each tool so you can match the plist documents to real tools. (Or get the programmer devices and also make use of Bluetooth Explorer)

Lastly, you could run the Bluetooth analysis energy to see if disturbance with various other tools could be creating your mac to methodically pick HSP which is extra active than A2DP.

All the best - I do not have a tool with both A2DP and also HSP to examination, yet I can inform you that my A2DP tool is without a doubt the most awful when it involves the % of time it falls short to connect. (Which is the factor where you pick whether to connect as mono or stereo) I generally require 3 connect efforts to get it functioning and also I'm in a really reduced sound setting. It functions actually well once combined - simply hard to connect.

2019-12-04 07:08:55