Where is Max concealed in Monkey Island 2?

A recurring in-joke in the SCUMM-based LucasArts journey games was concealing Max (from the Sam and Max comic, after that later on Sam and Max Hit the Road) in the views. He was never ever (or virtually never ever) something you can connect with, simply a little easter egg.

Does any person recognize where (if) he's concealed in Monkey Island 2, and also whether his surprise visage shows up in the new Special Edition's graphics too?

2019-05-05 09:00:08
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Costumes of Sam & Max can be located in the Costume Shop :

However, it appears that in the new variation, they are changed by a purple arm (from day of the arm), due to the fact that LucasArts does not possess the civil liberties for Sam & Max any longer (forum source, wherefore it's worth). Evidently it coincided in the scandal sheet of the first episode too.

2019-05-08 05:52:02