Why does Steam not market the Mac variations of all games?

Especially, there is a Mac variation of DragonsAge and also of Modern Warfare yet none of these are supplied on Steam.

Could any person clarify why?

2019-05-05 09:05:02
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If no one minds, I'm mosting likely to shamelessly connect a tutorial I created for simply this a couple of days earlier. How to play PC Steam games on Mac.

Past that, several EA video games that have a Mac variation make use of a Cider wrapper, so practically it's simply the Windows video game. They mightn't disperse these Mac variations due to the fact that they're not accredited to by Transgaming (the individuals that afaik keep Cider), due to the fact that they do not assume it's excellent adequate top quality to release to all their clients, not exactly sure. On the various other hand, I assume EVE Online makes use of a Cider wrapper ...

Either means. I wish the tutorial aids a person out. :)

2019-05-09 00:26:42

Just guessing below, yet there could be adjustments that require to be made to a video game to get it to collaborate with Steam. This will not hold true of all video games so we require to look in other places.

As Valve have actually only simply launched Steam for the Mac the video game manufacturers can be waiting to see if it removes on the Mac and also just how much need there is prior to devoting sources to existing video games. Also if there's no coding adjustments there will certainly be points that require to be done and also there is the possibility price of refraining the various other points those individuals can be working with.

The lower line is constantly earnings so they could have determined to focus on new video games that would certainly offer a far better roi.

2019-05-08 06:10:34

What video games are marketed on the Steam Store is totally approximately the author. If there's a Mac variation yet it isn't on Steam yet you can attempt to speak to the author (EA) to see if they'll place it up.

The SteamPlay attribute is brand-new now, you'll simply need to wait a little bit for it.

There is additionally the concern that Mac variations are generally ported by various other firms, so they're relying on sales for that variation also. Steam makes it difficult to market Mac and also Windows variations of video games independently, so an author needs to assume if it's worth it to market 2 complete - valued variations of the ready the rate of one.

UPDATE : Plants vs. Zombies is currently readily available as a SteamPlay game.

2019-05-08 05:46:54