Just how to permit Google Calendar customers to register for my internet site's schedule (occasion information) and also have GCal show updates instantly

I have an internet site that shops and also display screens information concerning occasions. I would certainly such as to make that information readily available to Google Calendar customers and also permit them to register for my website's occasion information. The occasion information can and also does transform periodically, so having customer's import an iCal documents to their very own Google Calendar is not excellent.

  1. Is this feasible?

  2. Can I maintain every one of the information on my website, using a URL, and also permit Google Calendar customers to subscribe?

  3. Do I require to place my occasion information "right into Google" in some way, and afterwards permit Google Calendar customers to register for that information? If so, I'll require to maintain occasion information on my website and also the information "in google" in sync, deal with?

2019-05-05 09:14:41
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If you release an iCal/xCal documents to your internet site after that your customers can register for this making use of Google Calendar. In the Calendar UI its under Settings - > Browse Interesting Calendars - > Add by URL.

This creates Google to inside create a new Google calendar and also schedule it be inhabited with new occasions from your feed consistently (at the very least as soon as every 24 hrs). To add new occasions you merely upload/publish a new variation of your schedule documents.

If its a bit much to ask your customers to follow this method, after that you can release a "register for schedule" link or switch on your internet site. The link needs to be :


Or for Apps :


Google made use of to have this details in an assistance record yet I can not locate it any longer : (I can validate that this method functions well - we release tailored feeds for 150K customers now.

2019-05-10 06:51:15

As long as your schedule is public, you can most likely to the schedule setups and also replicate the "Calendar Address" that it gives in XML, ICAL, and also HTML layout and also blog post that someplace on your website. Customers need to have the ability to make use of that URL straight inside Google Calendar to import your own right into their user interface.

2019-05-07 20:27:01