What is btrfs? What innovative attributes does it have?

I listened to that Kernel 2.6.35 will certainly have btrfs which Ubuntu 10.10 can have btrfs by default.

What will be its attributes?

Will I have the ability to move my information from my existing ext4 dividing?

2019-05-05 09:17:30
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btrfs or Butter FS is a filesystem and also has some intriguing attributes :

  1. You can have photos. It resembles a freeze of the filesystem at some time of time.
  2. btrfs is a level - based filesystem. This suggests there are no checklists of reminders. btrfs tracks adjoining blocks, so called levels, with each other.
  3. btrfs makes checksums of information and also metadata. Consequently it can identify mistakes in the filesystem in "realtime".
  4. You can switch over from ext3/4 to btrfs.
2019-05-08 07:37:48
  • Online quantity development and also reducing
  • Online obstruct tool enhancement and also elimination
  • Online defragmentation
  • Online harmonizing (activity of things in between block tools to stabilize load)
  • Transparent compression (presently zlib)
  • Subvolumes (independently - mountable filesystem origins)
  • Snapshots (writeable, duplicate - on - write duplicates of subvolumes)
  • File cloning (duplicate - on - write on specific documents, or byte arrays thereof)
  • Object - degree (RAID1 - like) matching, (RAID0 - like) striping
  • Checksums on information and also metadata (presently CRC - 32C [13 ])
  • In - area conversion (with rollback) from ext3/4 to Btrfs [14 ]
  • File system seeding [15 ] (Btrfs on read - just storage space made use of as a duplicate - on - write backing for a writeable Btrfs)
  • User - specified purchases
  • Block throw out assistance (redeems room on some virtualization arrangements or boosts wear progressing on SSDs by alerting the underlying tool that storage space is no more in operation)

Planned attributes include :

  • Object - degree (RAID5 - like and also RAID6 - like) parity - based striping
  • Online and also offline filesystem check
  • Incremental dumps
  • Data deduplication [1 ]

From Wikipedia. I'm sorry i can not address your various other inquiries as i do not recognize much concerning it.

2019-05-08 06:13:52