Just how can I import mail from one Gmail account to an additional, maintaining my tag framework?

I would certainly such as to import mail from one account to an additional, yet I have 10 approximately tags in the one I intend to export from. What's the most convenient means to get the very same tags on the very same e-mail messages on the new account?

2019-05-05 09:22:23
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In the Google Knol: Changing your gmail username or email address, it claims:

If you definitely require the old tag framework, the only remedy is to make use of an IMAP client to connect to both the old and also new account and also duplicate over folders/labels. Yet this remedy can be complicated, due to the fact that you can just replicate over a particular (unspecified) quantity of mail at once. The non - Google program Gmail Backup could be able to aid with this procedure, yet I can not attest its performance.

2019-05-12 12:32:07

If your tags are used based upon some standard regulations you can use some filters to instantly classify mail suitably and also make use of one of googles suggested methods to import mail from your old gmail account

2019-05-08 06:58:55

You can do the adhering to :

Caution : do this at your very own threat. If you mistakenly push delete while in the garbage, your messages will certainly be gone for life .

  1. Clear your garbage on your old account.
  2. Garbage all your messages in your old account.
  3. Untrash a solitary tag.
  4. Import the messages to your new account making use of the POP3 attribute (Get mail from various other accounts ).
  5. Tag all these new messages with the very same tag you made use of on your old account.
  6. In your old account, garbage the messages that were imported efficiently.
  7. Repeat actions 2-5 for each and every tag.
  8. Untrash your messages.

This will possibly just aid you if you make use of tags as folders (i.e. one tag per message ). Or else your POP3 customer will certainly have currently read messages from in the past and also it obtains unpleasant. If you do not mind messages having the specific very same tags, after that it's great.

Update :

I simply attempted it, and also this need to function. The factor it functions is that when you place messages in the garbage, 2 points take place :

  • The tags are maintained.
  • POP3 customers will certainly not see the messages.

Keep in mind : When you trash the messages from the All mail folder, the adhering to deceptive message will certainly be revealed :

Moving discussions from All Mail to the Trash will certainly remove them from all sights, consisting of tags and also search outcomes. This is due to the fact that in Gmail, a. discussion can be presented in a. selection of sights, yet there is just. one duplicate. Are you certain you intend to. relocate the only duplicate to the Trash?

It appears as though the tags will certainly be gotten rid of, yet actually they will certainly be maintained in the garbage. It's simply allowing you recognize that when you click among the tags left wing, you will certainly no more see the message given that it remains in the garbage.

2019-05-07 18:32:24