Exists a means to have Debootstrap instantly set up places?

I such as to make use of Debootstrap for making thin systems (generally a base for something ingrained) or paravirtualized Xen visitors.

I'm acquainted with just how to inform Debootstrap what plans I desire past the regular marginal base, yet I have yet to locate the appropriate mix of devices to allow me define and also vehicle create places after the base system has actually been mounted.

Do I require to do this in my very own manuscripts, or exists a means to inform Debootstrap what places I desire and also have it simply create them?

2019-05-05 09:26:17
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I would certainly recommend making use of grml-debootstrap. This is a wrapper manuscript around debootstrap and also originates from the grml real-time cd. This manuscript has a documents /etc/debootstrap/locale.gen where you can place your places and also they are created at the correct time. grml-debootstrap additionally has great deals of even more benefits and also its worth to consider.

2019-05-08 08:25:33