No video from Mac Mini, ONLY as soon as OS X has actually filled

I have an old G4 Mac Mini, running 10.5. It's linked to a VGA CRT monitor making use of Apples DVI-to-VGA adapter that was consisted of once. Last evening, while utilizing it, the screen flickered, and also the monitor went to rest, which is it; s default actions when there's no display screen attached to it. Trying to compel the monitor on presented a "No Signal" mistake. Reactivating the equipment not does anything.

This has actually taken place as soon as in the past. The last time this took place, I tried to repair it by resetting the PRAM. After doing this, the Mac result the typical grey screen with an Apple logo design on start-up, yet when the system got to the OS X login screen, the monitor flickers and also goes black. Trying too in Safe Mode gives comparable outcomes. The Monitor is old sufficient that it does not supply an "Out of Range" mistake for in need of support refresh prices, yet I gambled and also tried the Single User Mode instructions located in this Knowledge Base article, to delete windowserver.plist documents. The last time this took place (concerning 6 months earlier), that functioned flawlessly.

Last evening, the very same trouble took place, with the very same signs and symptoms. Does not present video in Safe Mode. Does display screen video in Single User Mode. Nonetheless, after removing both windowserver.plist documents, the equipment is still incapable to present video past the grey start-up screen.

Exists anything else I can attempt to repair this? Is the DVI-to-VGA adapter a feasible wrongdoer for an economical solution? Or is my Mini seeking adequate fixing regarding be far better off changed?

Modify: It's most definitely not the DVI to VGA adapter, regretfully.

2019-05-05 09:59:44
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The 1st point you need to do is attempt to establish if it's just a software program concern with your OS install or if the trouble relies upon the hardware (whether it's the screen or the computer system itself).

In order to promote that job, you have to examine the noticeable.

1) The DVI adapter (currently examined).

2) The Screen. Can you hook the display to an additional computer system?

3) Can you hook an additional display to the very same computer system?

Bonus : Have you attempted an additional VGA wire?

The over need to cause any one of the adhering to :

a) The screen is malfunctioning, adjustment screen.

b) The Mac mini has a hardware concern where nothing else screen jobs. Time for fixings (possibly unworthy).

c) The Cable is malfunctioning, adjustment wire.

d) The screen functions penalty on an additional computer system, the Mac mini functions great with an additional display. what ...?

In instance of D, there can be a trouble with the software program rather, either the vehicle driver that the Mac mini is making use of when it identifies the display is damaged or the video vehicle driver or something. That's an entire new globe and also - as currently recommended - you could intend to attempt starting from the install CD/DVD and also attempting to see if video jobs there. Back up your drive and also a complete reinstall could additionally aid you have every little thing fresh.

Hope it aids. I recognize it's a great deal of noticeable actions, yet this is just how the technology individuals do it :) Find the trouble first.

UPGRADE : After reviewing that the Mac mini does not collaborate with a various screen which this concern takes place prior to login screen (i.e. it's not 'customer' relevant), there are 2 feasible suggestions you can attempt prior to a full OS reinstall.

You state that it operates in Single User yet not secure setting ; considered that Single User goes right to the command line, have you attempted running fsck on the dividing? Possibly there's some information corruption in the OS X quantity.

Safe Mode does not load exterior vehicle drivers and also things in the StartupFolders, to make sure that need to function and also I locate it unusual that it does not. Certainly see to it you disconnect all exterior tools (sans keyboard/mouse/display) prior to detecting a trouble similar to this.

Regardless, I would certainly attempt to install a fresh duplicate of OS X on an exterior drive (if you do not intend to clean your inner duplicate) and also see what takes place from there. If the exterior duplicate jobs, after that the OS X duplicate has a large trouble. I recognize this is noticeable (and also it's currently in your checklist of points to do) yet regretfully debugging a trouble similar to this without accessibility to the OS/hardware is actually tough. You can constantly later on duplicate the fresh mounted OS X to your inner drive to stay clear of the reinstall in the inner drive.

All the best!

2019-05-08 05:52:40